Emil JJ My name is Emil and I am a guitar addict.

I play any chance I get. I have guitars at home outside of their cases so they’re always within reach. There is a guitar in my office at work as well as a toy guitar in my car. I follow other guitar players on Twitter and Facebook and read blogs, news, magazines about guitarists, music, and gear. It’s obviously an obsession. And now, I’m writing a blog about it.

I write a lot of music: some instrumental and some with lyrics. I have a Pro Tools home studio and I’m hoping to lay down enough material for a few albums over the next couple of years. One of my biggest goals is to write for other artists and get some of my songs on the radio, tv, and on the biggest stages in the world.

I also play in a couple of bands, one is an original rock band, SUNFUR, that we recently resurrected. There are a couple of wedding bands that I sit in with from time to time and I’m putting a new band together to play some of the material I’ve been working on lately. It’s poppy rock with a twang. Always looking for the perfect singer so, let me know if that’s you or a friend of yours.

I try to squeeze all of that in while also being a web developer for a tech company in Silicon Valley and a husband and father of two wonderful children. Oh yeah, and now I’m trying to blog as well. And, I have a couple of music-related applications I’m starting to develop. Who needs sleep?

I’m on Facebook: Look up Emil JJ
I’m also on Twitter: twitter.com/dantesagan
Check out my personal site Emiljj.com to hear some music, see videos and find out where i’m playing next.

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