Month: January 2015

Guitar dogma

dogmaGuitar players, like everyone else, are set in their beliefs. Some of these beliefs and opinions come from experience, but many come from something they’ve heard or read somewhere. In conversations and online posts, some spew dogma completely ignoring many examples of notable contradictions. So, here are some I’ve seen and heard regularly over the years.

1. “Real” guitar players use thick strings

They say: You should use a string gauge at least .11 and above. You can only get a great, thick tone with heavier strings. Stevie Ray Vaughan used real thick strings, so there.

Reality check: Billy Gibbons, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Carlos Santana and a bunch of other “real” guitar players have been known to use much lighter strings (.08 and .09), and nobody would dare question their tone. (more…)