NAMM is coming, NAMM is coming

NAMM showThe NAMM ticket confirmation email arrived a few days ago and I’m beside myself. I’ve been to NAMM several times over the years, missed last year, but back at it again. (Read my previous NAMM post for reasons why you should go).

I’m a total NAMM nerd and love everything about it. I love walking for hours and hours through the noisy convention center, looking at all the gear, trying things, seeing amazing musicians jamming, and snapping a few pictures of the stars. It’s also entertaining to see some of the has-beens from the 80’s strolling around still decked out in their old clothes but not rocking them as well. There’s also a bunch of freakish people with small entourages that are probably in some new popular bands that I don’t know about yet. And, there are the buyers and the people working the booths who obviously don’t want to be there, but have to for work.

It’s entertaining to watch the whole mix of folks. It’s loud. It’s chaotic. It’s exhausting. But, I love every minute of it.Last time I went, I came in on a Friday afternoon, checked into my hotel, and hit the show for the last couple of hours on Day 2. Then did a full day on Day 3, and left earlier on Day 4. This year, I’m getting there on Thursday afternoon and leaving when the doors close on Sunday afternoon.

Every year I have a list of gear I want to check out. This year, I’m jonesing for some hollowbody guitars so I can’t wait to try some Gretsch, Ibanez, and Godin boxes, as well as some other lesser known brands. I also can’t wait to see the latest pedal offerings. Some of my favorite brands are Wampler, Xotic, MXR, Electro Harmonix and Earthquaker Devices. I’m also checking out amps by Egnater, Bogner, Orange, and Fender.

The coolest thing about NAMM is that you get to try things out that are not always found in your local guitar shops. And, you get to discover new things that you didn’t know about. The bottom level of the convention center usually has the smaller, lesser known brands that offer some innovative products. Sometimes, you find some gems there.And, then there’s the after show parties, jams and concerts.

Anyways, I’m getting excited and hope to catch up with some of my friends that go as well as make some new ones. I’ll take pictures and post details when I get back. See ya there!


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