Month: March 2014

5 reasons why playing your electric guitar acoustically is good for you

MarshallStack Slayer

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plugging into a huge Marshall stack, pushing the volume up to 11, and hitting that first power chord is a life altering moment for us guitar players. If you have not done this yet, you must go now and do it.

But, as awesome as that is, I believe that we should often play and practice without being plugged into an amp. What? Yes, that means keeping that nice Marshall Stack off most of the times. Why?

  1. You will learn to be more accurate since you won’t have distortion and effects covering up your flaws.
  2. When you come up with licks and riffs that sound great acoustically, imagine how great they’ll be through that stack.
  3. You will be able to play more often without bothering anyone. No more excuses like it’s late, my kids are doing their homework, etc.
  4. You might explore some other genres which could add richness to your playing.
  5. You might be inspired to write more instead of spending endless hours of dive bombing and pinching harmonics.

Joe Satriani – what makes him so great

Musician Joe Satriani

Musician Joe Satriani (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When guitar players and non-guitar players are asked who is the best guitar player in the world, Joe Satriani’s name often makes the list.

Is he the fastest guitar player? No.
Is he the most technically advanced? No.
Is he “the” best? Not sure if there is such a thing.

So, what makes him so great?

Guitar players are judged by many things: technical ability, flashiness, speed, the “touch”, or by the classic riffs or songs they’ve written or made famous. But, what really makes one guitar player better than another? And, why has Joe been so successful in the guitar instrumental genre, where most have had only marginal success? (more…)